Power’s Out. Now What?

Get total peace of mind with a backup home generator from Briggs & Stratton.

Home Generator Benefits

Why should you install a backup generator for your home?

Now more than ever, a standby home generator is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. Severe weather, brownouts, and aging power grids leave millions without power every year, and losing power even once can be expensive and inconvenient.

  • Provides Reassurance During an Outage
  • Keeps Your Family Safe
  • Protects Your Home
  • Ultimate Peace of Mind

Watch this video to learn how owning a Briggs & Stratton standby generator provides all the peace-of-mind that comes with uninterrupted power, and protection against even the worst outages.

Our home generator has saved us many times over….It’s insurance that our home will continue running during an outage. Best purchase ever.

-Roberta S.

Why Choose a Briggs & Stratton Home Generator

We make it easy for you to get a dependable backup generator for what matters most: total peace of mind. Our expertise in creating superior whole-house generators is second to none. This means you can be confident that every component in your Briggs & Stratton home generator will deliver superior performance.

Industry-Leading Warranty

With the industry’s best warranty, you can count on an unwavering commitment from professionals who are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Superior Engineering and Quality

Your Briggs & Stratton home generator is powered by an industry-leading, commercial-grade engine that’s built for a long lifetime of dependable, efficient, quiet operation.

Heritage of Excellence

You can trust our more than 110 years of experience and leadership in power technology and innovation.

Technology That Makes Life Easier

You’ll enjoy features like smarter power management that powers more of your home for less money, and the convenience of monitoring your generator from your smartphone.

Home generators from Briggs & Stratton

Home Generator Types, Sizes and Cost

What is the right generator for your needs and budget?

* The most popular size generator is the 20kw home generator which powers an average sized house and costs on average $15,000 including installation.

Generator Sizes and Types

Gasoline Portable GeneratorsSmaller generators (2kw – 10kw) are typically in the gasoline portable generators class. These generators require manual hook up, startup, and fueling in order to power a home during an outage.

Standby GeneratorsLarger generators (12kw – 26kw+) are typically in the standby generators class. A standby generator is an automated power system that’s installed outside of a home and connected to a source of fuel, typically liquid petroleum or natural gas. A standby generator’s engine can detect if there is an outage in the home’s main supply and kick on automatically during a power outage.

Power Needs

Start by thinking about which household items your family would need during a power outage to stay comfortable and safe. What is your house size, and what are the number and type of appliances that need to be powered.

  • Bare Essentials would be considered the furnace, fridge and lights. Additional essentials might include the water pump, electric range, washer and/or dryer, dishwasher, etc.
  • Whole Home Coverage would include (in addition to essentials) A/C and heat and therefore would depend largely on the size (square footage) of your home. A 3,500 sq ft home is considered medium sized.

Ease of Use (Hassle Factor)

Gas powered portable generators (2kw – 10kw) need to be manually hooked up, manually started and power-transferred. In addition, they need to be manually re-fueled periodically (typically every 4-12 hours).

Standby generators are fully automated and therefore do not require any manual action in order to start powering your home during an outage.


Average Cost (Including generator, hardware,  transfer switch and installation labor) ranges from $2,000-$20,000 + depending on power needs and job complexity.

To get an estimate, start by scheduling a free consultation or call us at 218-568-5393.

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(2,000 watts)
(7,000 watts)
(10-12,000 watts)
(20,000 watts)
(26,000 watts)
CapabilitiesBare Essentials
• furnace
• fridge
Bare Essentials
• furnace
• fridge
• well
• lights
Power Medium

• furnace
• fridge
• well
• lights
• electric washer, dryer,
and range
Power Total Home
• furnace
• fridge
• well
• lights
• electric washer, dryer,
and range
• A/C up to 3,500 sq ft
Power Total Home
• furnace
• fridge
• well
• lights
• electric washer, dryer,
and range
• A/C up to 6,000 sq ft
Hassle Factor4/104/100/10 – 4/100/100/10
Average Cost$2,000$15,000$20,000

Dealer Exclusive Generators

PowerProtect DX 12k Home Generator

PowerProtect™ DX 12kW Standby Generator

At nearly half the footprint of competitors and almost double the warranty coverage the 12kW1 DX generator is there when you need it most. Its unique design and front-facing exhaust also allows for easy placement for installation outside your home.

Download Specs

PowerProtect DX 20k Home Generator

PowerProtect™ DX 20kW Standby Generator

The 20kW1 DX generator is there when you need it most, providing more power on both natural gas and liquid propane than any other generator in its class. The workhorse of the PowerProtectDX lineup, the 20kW unit is backed by the most comprehensive warranty over time with a 10-Year limited warranty.

Download Specs

PowerProtect DX 26k Home Generator

PowerProtect™ DX 26kW Standby Generator

The most power and the most coverage. The 26kW1 DX generator is all you need to have total peace-of-mind and protection during even the worst outages. This first of its kind generator is designed to give you the most power available on the market and keep your home and family running no matter what.

Download Specs